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The Great Denali Book Project

Published February 19, 2013 by Wybearpress

Denali_Skies_Cover_for_Kindle (1)One small gesture, a quick exchange, or a premeditated intention is all that is required to connect us. The world is full of phenomenal coincidences and this book was not simply a circumstance, but a very directed  message for you.

It reminds you and I that we are more the same than different, and when we choose not to become distracted and preoccupied with the big events and interactions in our lives, we can refocus this energy to the smaller more amazing moments.

These moments that captivate us and remind us to dream, play, and follow our hearts desires. When we are true to ourselves, and follow these impulses that sweat from our compressed and broken souls we may just find the beauty, and the oh-so amazing way life can sneak up and smash us in the face! 

 This happened to you because you are a part of this. As a part of this you have a job to do, and you’ll do it well.

Let’s see who you connect to through this vision and story, that somehow pulled you in as you find yourself part of the story’s story.

Did you leave it on a bench in the park, on the table in the Library? Did you sneak it in between the best seller’s on a shelf at Target? Did the book make it to an airport, and escaped even further?

How far will this story reach and touch and grow?

How far will you reach and touch and grow?

That my dear is up to you.

Each book as a specific combination of 3 numbers, when you comment where you found the book please include this code so that we can track who has found your book, and how many others have had the same book as you. There are only eight books in this project, so know that if you found one you are exceptional.

Wybear Press is sponsoring a contest, if you have a copy of Denali Skies, A Seasonal Girl’s Alaskan Odyssey and you take a picture of the book in an interesting location, and e-mail it to with consent to repost the picture in our website, you will be entered in a raffle to win a signed copy of the book along with an Annual National Park Pass valued at $80.00.

The Raffle will take place on June 10th 2013.